“To be or not to be. To become is to suffice.”

-Nur Amyza

This is a way of life for me- writing and sharing information with others, passing valuable common knowledge along the way so that we can, together, make informed decisions in our lives.

In this messy web of information, making decisions fast is pretty easy. We all should just take the time to hold that thought for a minute, digest the information we have and make informed decisions, especially when it comes to big moves in our lives. Decisions, big or small shouldn’t be rushed.

As you may be aware, many of my blog posts contains affiliate links- this is my self preservation, to be able to write informative content and be paid for my time. I hope you’ll understand and get past that.

Ultimately, my goal is to share common knowledge like how we gossip at the water breaker in the office. Pardon me, but that’s how we commonly share knowledge for the past few years anyways…nobody sits down in a group without gossiping.

My name is Amyza and if you’ve just follow along my journey to a frugal minimalistic lifestyle of sorts, please stay and have a read. And if you like anything please help me share the word. Thank you.

Sharing is kindness!

Update: 26/6/2021

In 2017, I self-published five books which I offered for free in Kindle for a limited time. Instead of getting sales, I discovered many sites offered my books for sale on their site without my written permission and some of these sites offered my books as a free download. To deal with this issue, I decided to publish my books on my blog in mini- series. My blog is monetised and hopefully I will get paid for my time.

I’m not a trained writer nor I am good with grammar and all the technical writing stuff but I hope that my storytelling is good enough. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my mini web series as I have enjoyed writing these. The stories I write about is not to condone any misadventures or foul play but rather to highlight that mental illness comes in many diagnosis and how people came to be mentally ill could sometimes be a series of life events that took place or because of complex issues.

Cheers from Singapore!

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